"After 24 years of practicing law, working the bench, and mediating cases, I was confortable with any situation that arose during divorce mediations. However, after viewing Jim Melamed's Mediating Divorce Agreement, I learned many new and powerful techniques I had never thought of for handling the difficult situations that inevitably arise in domestic cases. Whether you are new to mediation or have been at it for years, this 15 hours DVD set is the best time and money spent by anyone truely invested in the mediation process."

Scott Baroway, Mediation Partners - Denver, Colorado.

"Jim, this is not a request. It is a plaudit. I am about half-way through your divorce mediation online course. I have seen at least 50 trainers over the years, many who are quite well known. This divorce mediation of yours is the best program - and you are by far the best trainer/presenter - that I have ever experienced. Thank you."

Ross Cerny - Los Angeles, CA.

Join Jim Melamed, CEO of Mediate.com and Former Executive Director of the Academy of Family Mediators, for 15 hours of divorce mediation instruction.

Approved for 15 hours of CLE Credit. Six month access. Extensive online written materials.   

Each order of the course is only to be used per one individual. Only one certificate will be issued per order. Group Discounts are available. Please email us at admin@mediate.com or by phone at 541-345-1629 to discuss.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Mediating Divorce Training Resources

    • DivorceTrainingManual

    • Divorce Course Outline

    • Sample Marital Agreement Form

    • PowerPointOutline.pdf

  • 2

    Mediating Divorce Agreement

    • Session 1: Introduction

    • Session 2: Overview

    • Session 3: To What Extent are Childrent Included in Divorce Mediation

    • Session 4: The Caucus

    • Session 5: Continuing Themes

    • Session 6: "Keys - Depositioning"

    • Session 7: Day Two Introduction

    • Session 8: Conflict Resolution Keys

    • Session 9: The Sharing of Perspectives

    • Session 10: Additional Conflict Resolution Concepts

    • Session 11: Negotiation Power

    • Session 12: The ADR Processes - Experiencing Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration

    • Session 13: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Options

    • Session 14: Defining and Describing Your Mediation Process

    • Session 16: Types of Conflict

    • Session 15: Day 3 Introduction

    • Session 17: Resolving Conflict

    • Session 18: Negotiation Approaches

    • Session 19: Prinicipled Negotiation

    • Section 20: Initial Contacts

    • Session 21: Intro Consultation

    • Session 22: Pressing Issues

    • Session 23: Overall Model

    • Session 24: Techniques

    • Session 25: Day 4 Intro

    • Session 26: Mediator Tool Chest

    • Session 27: Civil Divorce

    • Session 28: Caucusing

    • Session 29: Mediator Expertise

    • Session 30: Doubt and Dissonance

    • Session 31: Emotional and Relational

    • Session 32: Problem Solving

    • Session 33: Communication Skills

    • Session 34: Rapport Development

    • Session 35: Day 5 Intro

    • Session 36: Mediating Child Support

    • Session 37: Child Support Guidelines

    • Session 38: Custom Child Support

    • Session 39: Spousal Support

    • Session 40: Property Debt Division

    • Session 41: Summary of Tax

    • Session 42: Drafting Understanding

    • Session 43: Ethics Summary

    • Session 44: Successful Practice

    • CLE Survey


James Melamed

Jim Melamed co-founded Mediate.com in 1996 and served as CEO of Mediate.com until 2020. Before Mediate.com, Jim founded The Mediation Center in Eugene, Oregon in 1983 and served as Executive Director of the Academy of Family Mediators (AFM) from 1987 to 1993.

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