Understanding our implicit and unconscious biases is only the first step towards effectuating change in both our personal and professional lives. This training will explore what implicit bias is (and is not) and how it impacts us both personally and within our institutions and systems. With this awareness and knowledge, we will then learn very specific techniques and practical skills that will both assist us and challenge us to provide a more culturally sensitive, bias-aware mediation process. The skills are easily transferable to other processes and will apply to advocates, judges, facilitators and anyone involved with conflict resolution.

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Nina Meierding

Nina Meierding, a national leader in the field of conflict resolution, has mediated over 4,000 disputes and has trained thousands of people in almost all 50 states, as well as Canada, England, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, and Sweden. She was the Director and Senior Mediator at the Mediation Center in Ventura, California from 1985-2007 and is now a full-time trainer (Negotiation and Mediation Training Services), professor, and conflict resolution consultant.