The Online Dispute Resolution Revolution is Here

Over the past five years the dispute resolution field has moved online, and it will never go back. Now most mediations and arbitrations default to virtual interaction, with face-to-face as an exception. Every dispute resolution process now involves technology in some way. But even more change is coming around the corner, with disruptive technologies like machine learning and quantum computing just over the horizon.

In this Masterclass, ODR pioneer Colin Rule will help you move your practice ahead of this curve. At the end of this training all participants will be prepared to lead the dispute resolution field into this new online reality, and to ensure that they benefit from these changes as opposed to being left behind. If you decide to participate, you will learn how to design and implement ODR systems, building and configuring your own ODR instance, from intake to mediation, arbitration, and settlement. 

Included in every Masterclass registration is a one-year subscription to the platform (the most advanced ODR system available) capable of handling up to 500 cases per year (a $2600+ value). In this training Colin will assist you in the design, configuration and testing of your personal instance, giving you the tools you will need to succeed in the age of ODR.

Masterclass participants who complete the full course will also receive certification as an systems designer, qualifying them to configure ODR instances for client organizations, practitioners, and agencies (making them eligible to participate on future ODR projects as the platform expands).

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Participants in this class must be trained mediators or arbitrators with meaningful professional experience as a neutral, either in person or online. Participants must also be familiar with existing ethical guidelines for dispute resolution practice. This class will presume no coding ability or experience in software or interface design, but there will be no review of ADR processes, techniques, or best practices. This class is designed for experienced dispute practitioners who want to shape the online practice of dispute resolution by designing and launching ODR systems, not for novice practitioners.


This class is broken down into 5 sessions:

Session 1 - Diagnosis
Session 2 - Negotiation
Session 3 - Mediation
Session 4 - Evaulation
Session 5 - Appeal     


During each session of this program, participants will learn to:

  1. Process Design Tutorial
    Each session will begin with a Process Design Tutorial focused on the critical characteristics and dynamics of each of the core DNMEA modules (Diagnosis, Negotiation, Mediation, Evaluation, and Appeal).

  2. Hands-On Configuration
    Participants will apply the tutorial takeaways to hands-on configuration of ODR processes and tools.

  3. Coaching
    After the completion of your training and the setup of your platform, participants get one hour, one-on-one private online coaching from Colin, with additional hours available for a modest fee.

 Learning Objectives

Participants in this Masterclass will:

  • Acquire the basic building blocks of ODR process design.
  • Learn to identify critical components ODR systems.
  • Apply a systems design framework to configuring complex systems.
  • Craft a design vision and refine it through the course of implementation.
  • Increase their ability to design learning systems that improve over time.
  • Manage competing interests of stakeholders and overcome resistance to change.
  • Expand their ODR design experience by learning from your peers.
  • Optional: Further develop design expertise through one-on-one coaching.



Colin Rule

Colin Rule is President and CEO of and In 2011 Colin co-founded, an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) provider based in Silicon Valley, which was acquired by Tyler Technologies in 2017. From 2017 to 2020 Colin served as Vice President of ODR at Tyler. From 2003 to 2011 Colin was Director of Online Dispute Resolution for eBay and PayPal. He has worked in the dispute resolution field for more than 25 years as a mediator, trainer, and consultant.