A Ground-Breaking Mediation Training

Seventeen of the top trainers in the field of mediation present 27 hours of fast-paced content. This ground-breaking training takes advantage of the diverse viewpoints of each presenter to cover topics such as: Online mediation, mediating with diverse family units, children with special needs, supporting clients' mental health, and a complete role-play with continuous debrief and explanation.

Sample Video

Course curriculum

    1. Course Agenda

    2. Introduction

    3. Full Course Manual

    1. Introduction by Kamela Love

    2. Introduction to Training by Dr. Clare Fowler

    3. Introduction to Asking Questions by Jim Melamed

    4. Introduction Quiz


    1. The Mediation Process

    2. Introducing the Mediation Process by Clare Fowler

    3. Confidentiality by Phyllis Pollack

    4. Negotiation

    5. IPV (screening clients, safety assessments) by Don Saposnek

    6. Sample Mediation, in 7 steps, with Explanation by Michael Aurit, part 1

    7. Sample Mediation, in 7 steps, with Explanation by Michael Aurit, part 2

    8. Supporting a Variety of Cultures, unmarried, and low-income parents by Zenell Brown

    9. Supporting Alternative Family Dynamics by Kamela Love

    10. Deescalating High Emotions by Nina Meierding

    11. Resilience with Jeff Thompson

    1. ChildrenIntro

    2. Supporting Children in School with Dr. Lesley Cook

    3. Working with Special Needs Children by Ken Cloke

    4. Parenting Time & Structuring the Conversation by Don Saposnek

    5. Child Custody and the Specific Elements to Include in the Agreement by Anju Jessani

    1. Financials Introduction

    2. Financial (division of assets, child support, tax implications, etc.) by Chip Rose

    3. Spousal Support by Julie Gentili Armbrust

    4. Collaborative Practice: Work with a CDFA? by Glenn Crawford

    5. Collaborative Practice, looking at Trust and Estates, by Kamela Love

    1. Basics of Agreement by Clare Fowler

    2. Documents (agreement to mediate, confidentiality, MSA) by Jay Bultz

    3. Ethics by Michael Lang

    4. Agreement requirements

    5. Ethics part 2 by Michael Lang

About this course

  • $495.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 31.5 hours of video content