A Ground-Breaking Mediation Training

Seventeen of the top trainers in the field of mediation present 27 hours of fast-paced content. This ground-breaking training takes advantage of the diverse viewpoints of each presenter to cover topics such as: Online mediation, mediating with diverse family units, children with special needs, supporting clients' mental health, and a complete role-play with continuous debrief and explanation.

Sample Video

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Agenda

    • Introduction

    • Full Course Manual

  • 2


    • Introduction by Kamela Love

    • Introduction to Training by Dr. Clare Fowler

    • Introduction to Asking Questions by Jim Melamed

    • Introduction Quiz


  • 3

    The Mediation Process

    • The Mediation Process

    • Introducing the Mediation Process by Clare Fowler

    • Confidentiality by Phyllis Pollack

    • Negotiation

    • IPV (screening clients, safety assessments) by Don Saposnek

    • Sample Mediation, in 7 steps, with Explanation by Michael Aurit, part 1

    • Sample Mediation, in 7 steps, with Explanation by Michael Aurit, part 2

    • Supporting a Variety of Cultures, unmarried, and low-income parents by Zenell Brown

    • Supporting Alternative Family Dynamics by Kamela Love

    • Deescalating High Emotions by Nina Meierding

    • Resilience with Jeff Thompson

  • 4

    Working with Children

    • ChildrenIntro

    • Supporting Children in School with Dr. Lesley Cook

    • Working with Special Needs Children by Ken Cloke

    • Parenting Time & Structuring the Conversation by Don Saposnek

    • Child Custody and the Specific Elements to Include in the Agreement by Anju Jessani

  • 5


    • Financials Introduction

    • Financial (division of assets, child support, tax implications, etc.) by Chip Rose

    • Spousal Support by Julie Gentili Armbrust

    • Collaborative Practice: Work with a CDFA? by Glenn Crawford

    • Collaborative Practice, looking at Trust and Estates, by Kamela Love

  • 6


    • Basics of Agreement by Clare Fowler

    • Documents (agreement to mediate, confidentiality, MSA) by Jay Bultz

    • Ethics by Michael Lang

    • Agreement requirements

    • Ethics part 2 by Michael Lang

  • 7

    Next Steps

    • Next steps (marketing, biz dev), Getting Started and marketing video by Clare Fowler

    • Closing by Kamela Love

    • FamilyClosing