Course Description

Cybersecurity is a growing concern in all sectors and industries. While some industries have been fast to adapt and understand the seriousness of the effects of cyberattacks, others have yet to fully comprehend the risks. This training from provides an in depth review of how cybersecurity plays a role in international arbitration, the challenges it imposes and how cyberattacks have acted out in real life cases. 

This training is presented in four segments: an introduction on the course and cybersecurity by Karina Albers, followed by Shobana Iyer who provides a thorough explanation of the hard law and soft law of cybersecurity in international arbitration. The third module is covered by Cemre Kadioglu, who will guide you through the consequences of cyberattacks in international arbitration. The last module is covered by CyberArb's white hacker, Tony Gee, who will provide you with tips on how to protect yourself from cyberattacks and how to get back on your feet in the face of a cyberattack. At the end of this course there is an optional quiz with which you can obtain a certificate of participation.

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